Up or Down with Tyson Ray,&#160;CFP<sup>&#174;</sup>

With the markets being an ever-evolving entity, founding partner Tyson Ray CFP®, CExP®, CIMA® recaps the month's market results as well as his thoughts on what is to come. With his 20+ years of wealth management and investment knowledge, Tyson's Up or Down videos are a fantastic way for everyone to understand how we are manage assets differently than most other financial advisors.

Up or Down
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Over the years, we have gotten many of the same questions from clients, so we decided to make original videos to touch on those crucial topics. We hope you will find these videos useful and may even help answer some questions you may have about how we are different from other financial advisors and how we make life better for our clients.

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Through the guidance we provide, we work to empower our clients to make their lives better. Because this often includes making others’ lives better as well, philanthropy has become an essential part of our firm’s culture.

Over the years, in addition to our own charitable contributions, we have helped our clients disburse $8,687,229 million in legacy bequests.

Charities and organizations that FORM Wealth and our clients support include: