The Total Relationship (TR) FORMula for a Better Life

This is our proprietary comprehensive process we call our TR Formula, designed to help you achieve your goals throughout your lifetime and through future generations. The TR Process incorporates the College of Financial Planning Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct requirements and is derived from 25 years of experience working with clients.

TR Plan™

Our proprietary Total Relationship Process starts with you TR Plan uncovering your underlying values, hopes and aspirations. We understand that regardless of what you have or what you’re working toward, money itself is not the objective – it's the means to a better life, and it has a purpose that is unique to you and those you love.

What you get:


We start with an initial discovery conversation. Instead of discussing markets, returns, potential investments or fees, we talk about your individual sense of purpose. What is important to you and how can your portfolio help achieve that for you?


Next we use our Goal Planning Cards to pose questions and take a deeper dive into four essential areas: family, occupation, recreation and mission, or FORM. These topics help us get a clearer understanding of the ultimate purpose of your wealth.


The Total Relationship discovery phase concludes with a detailed outline of our meetings, which we call A Purposeful Life Summary. We create and review this summary to help ensure we have a strong understanding of your priorities, and you have a clear picture of what you can expect from FORM Wealth.

TR Vest™

At this stage we focus on putting what’s possible into real terms. This includes understanding in detail your personal and financial circumstances, refining and documenting your goals, and analyzing current and potential courses of action.

What you get:

TR Vest

Your portfolio is just one of the ways that you’re funding your life and your goals, so we’ve developed a proprietary process that takes this larger picture into account. Our proprietary income planning process helps clarify, plan and direct all streams of incoming wealth, including active income, passive income and portfolio income.

Total Relationship Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

We have met the various requirements to provide discretionary management for clients who seek that method for their portfolios. This enables us to deliver an Investment Policy Statement, which clarifies how we propose to structure your portfolio and the parameters for decision-making.


To help ensure you have clarity and confidence around the plan we’ve proposed, we provide a clear document outlining your TR Plan, plan analysis, estate plan review, future planning points and next steps.

TR Care & Service™

TR Care is designed to help you achieve your plan and fulfill your purpose. Our portfolio recommendations are grounded in your risk tolerance, time horizon, investment objectives and income needs.

We take this opportunity to implement a portfolio design process that’s based on research, not emotion or short-term market speculation. TR Care allows you to enjoy the journey while preparing for the future.

What you get:


Funding complex goals often takes more than setting a few automatic withdrawals and contributions, so we designed a far more customized process. With your portfolio and income strategy in place, we manage the transfer of assets between your investments, cash reserves and bank accounts according to your unique timeline of day-to-day needs, short-term goals and long-term priorities.

<b>Find out how we&#8217;ve incorporated this planning process into our </b><b>TR Vest approach.</b>

Find out how we’ve incorporated this planning process into our TR Vest approach.

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