Our Guidance

"Every journey brings twists and turns. Some changes are predictable, others are not. We are proud of the trust our clients bestow on us and honored to serve as their guide through life's many transitions."

The majority of our clients found their way to us during a time of a significant change or transition in their life—realizing that they needed and wanted a guide to navigate the unknown. You likely feel the same way.

Before you begin to accept advice on how to manage your wealth, you should make sure you know the advisor’s core values. Ours are simple, straightforward, and part of the name of our firm.

Family. Who do you love and care about? Do they have any special circumstances which must be considered?
Occupation. What work do you do? What do you want to do in the future?
Recreation. How do you spend free time? Which activities and hobbies do you enjoy? What interests you?
Mission. How do you want to leave your mark on the world? What will be your legacy?

Change is inevitable. A sound strategy is essential.

Retirement Transition

Even if retirement is near—or you have already retired—you may not have a clear action plan. Many people focus on retirement as a point in time and give little or no thought to what they want to do or be after they leave their job. We know that retirement isn’t about the day you retire. It is about the rest of your life. It deserves the time, thought and attention necessary to be well planned. You have worked hard to reach this point and our role is to help you the rest of the way.

By consolidating, simplifying and managing your wealth to create predictable cash flow and cash reserves to replace your steady paycheck we’ll work together to fund the retirement you want.

Life Transition

Whether preparing for a change or in the midst of an unplanned transition, the grief, shock, and confusion following a major life event such as divorce, death of a spouse or family member, or an unexpected inheritance can make you susceptible to making financial decisions you may soon regret. No matter the life transition you are experiencing, we are here to help you make sound financial decisions designed to minimize potential financial burdens, allowing you to focus on what’s truly important—healing and moving forward.

Endowments and Foundations

Nonprofit and charitable foundations often face numerous challenges in carrying out their missions, from marketing and fundraising to effectively promoting awareness of the causes they champion. For directors and board members, budgets and long-term financial planning are nearly always perennial concerns.
As civic-minded members of our community, we are proud of our experience in assisting nonprofit and charitable foundations with customized investment advice and strategic long-term planning. We work closely with your organization’s other professional advisors—such as trustees, attorneys, and CPAs—and, as appropriate, provide referrals to help strengthen your foundation’s advisory team.

Please note: We price all nonprofit asset management fees at 0.75% but require a $1,000,000 minimum investment.