Life Services

Our Life Services consist of numerous planning points.  As your life and your goals progress, our team implements and coordinates these services so that we can plan for a multitude of objectives with overlapping time frames.

Our Life Services are arranged into these seven areas:

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Total Relationship Stages

We think of wealth as funded contentment. In addition to saving, investing and growing what you need to reach your goals, we also want to show you how your plan can set you free to enjoy your life. Our services conform to the stages of your life, from exploring new paths to sharing your wealth.

Stage 1: Accumulation

We guide our clients through three broad life stages, the first being the period in your life when you are building a career and family.

This often involves coordinating insurance solutions, tax-efficient structures and investment strategies, as well as the cash flow that will help you enjoy life in the present while you prepare for the long term. We have found that within this phase there is a period of exploration, where you are building a career and family, and a phase of maturation, where your life changes less rapidly in the years leading up to the second main phase.

Stage 2: Retirement Transformation

There is a personal and financial transformation that occurs as you move into retirement, and we coordinate the strategies to guide you through it.

About five years before this transformation takes place, new Life Services are activated, while others become less relevant. We shift our planning focus to help you exit your business, exercise company stock options or restructure your wealth in preparation for retirement. We also help guide you through the transition and begin implementing new strategies as you adjust to your lifestyle within the first five years of your post-work life.

Stage 3: Utopia

With proper planning, your retirement can be a utopia. We help ensure all the pieces are in place for you to live the life you want – not only by saving and preserving your wealth, but also spending what you can and funding your goals.

In this third Total Relationship Stage, you’ve made the move from building up your wealth to living off of it, and this involves a completely new set of planning points, financial strategies and personal lifestyle decisions. Often individuals in this phase begin a period of enjoyment, where they are funding personal interests, before focusing more on sharing what they have through philanthropy or family support.

Our approach also includes your GoalFund Management, a customized approach to funding individual goals, and a comprehensive legacy service that can help you achieve family goals for generations to come.

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