Our Process
Our History


In order to help make life better we have adopted 3 very distinct ways of communicating our advice to our clients. In any one decision, you may need us to be any one of 3 different types of advisor. We have spent years learning to be the coach, teacher and/or advocate you need.

Coach – Be, Do, Have

As a coach, we lead clients into conversations in order to discuss what they want out of life. We ask who they want to be, what they want to do, what they want to have – and then help them develop strategies and necessary plans to achieve a better life.

Teacher – Time, Energy, Money

As your teacher, we help educate clients about the limited resources of time, energy and money by providing truthful information and experienced perspective. We educate clients to make meaningful decisions based on how these resources effect their current and future life.

Advocate – Love, Joy, Peace

As your advocate, we seek to encourage and motivate clients to live their best life. We prompt them to make decisions that enhance their ability to love and be loved, to embrace joy in what they have and to find that which brings them the most peace.